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Resources for Coaching Golf

Video Resources

Below is a series of short video clips that will assist teachers in helping students learn about various golf techniques, skills, drills and modified games.


Learning the Grip

Learning the Grip in the Classroom

Ball Position

Lines and Circles for Ball Position, Stance and Alignment

Bow and Bounce for Posture

Set-Up Routine

Common Set-Up Mistake - Bendy Knees

Common Set-Up Mistake - Over reaching


Full Swing

Baseball Swing Drill

Clip the Tee Drill

Full Swing - Common Error


1/2 Swing


Chipping Technique

Common Chipping Error

Modified Games

Putt to your partners feet

Chip To Hoops

Chip and Catch

Aussie Rules


Ball Collection

Rules Resources

There is some very good information and resources for players to learn the rules or for club junior coordinators to use in their cadet/junior programs at the following websites;

Golf Australia Website - Rules Section

Golf NSW Website - Rules Section

R & A Website - Rules Section

R & A Website - Rules in Focus

R & A Website - Rules Quiz

United States Golf Association

Golf Development Wales  - Rules and Etiquette Video