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Sunshine Bay Public School Enjoy Golf

Students at Sunshine Bay Public School have had the opportunity to participate in a golf day every Friday on their sports oval. JNJG has trained some of the teachers at this school and they are able to take their classes out onto the oval and play some golf on a regular basis.

These teachers are using golf to help educate the students in math, problem solving skills, listening skills, and many more life long lessons.

Using golf to help train the students is a major benefit for the teachers.  They are extremely excited about it as they find it also helps keep the students on task for longer inside the classroom. Sunshine Bay PS are going to use golf to help teach students for many years to come.   

JNJG also assist in the program by taking the students to their local course to see all that golf has to offer. There are often lots of juniors that decide to join the local club after having this introduction to the game.

If you are a teacher, a parent, a student or a local golfer and would like to know more information about getting a school involved in a junior golf program then please contact Luke Grinham on 0458 626 621.

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