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Stonebridge Junior Champion: Josh Crampton

Young Josh Crampton continues to rise following his decision this year to focus on soccer and play golf as a break out sport for twelve months.

Having spent the past years trying to balance soccer and golf this years decision was not easy to make however it has proved to him that all sports are about having fun and that certainly showed during this years Stonebridge Club Championships.

Josh commenced his first round quite well and was well placed in B grade through 9 holes, however his back nine was ticking along pretty well and so he arrived at the 18 hole a short par 3 over water with the pin tucked in the back right corner.  Josh hit (in his owns words) “an ok shot that was heading toward the pin” as it landed Josh first thought was “its long, I saw it land and lost sight so I just thought it was long” upon walking toward the green his Dad yelled “check the hole, I think it went in” and so Josh headed towards the hole.  I am sure Josh was feeling his heart race with excitement knowing there was a chance it was in the hole….sure enough it was.  Josh finished his first round with a nice 89. 

Josh played quite well in the following three rounds shooting scores in the low 90s, which was enough to give him the Junior Championship and fourth overall in “B” grade.

I am sure Josh will have added confidence standing on the 18th hole in the up-coming Srixon International, I am also sure you will see the pin in that tucked back right position………

Congratulations Josh!

Mark Ingrey, Territory Manager Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast

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