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5000 Reasons to Love the Lexus Cup

The juniors at Port Macquarie Golf Club have plenty of reasons to smile, 5,000 of them thanks to the Lexus Cup and the club's pro-active membership.

The Northern NSW club was the winner in the Lexus Cup's Series One promotion to give away $5,000 to be spent on junior programs to the club that signed up the most new participants.

Port Macquarie managed to register an impressive 200 new players and now their youngsters are feeling the benefit.

“We'd seen on the Lexus Cup website other clubs that had won this prize and some of the good things they'd done with the money and we decided to give it our best,” says Port Macquarie GM Daniel Constable.

“Our Head Professional here James Single is very pro-active with the junior program as are a number of the members and they are obviously very excited by the win.”

Single, who has been at the club since 2011, confirms all those involved with the junior program are keen to make the most of the opportunity though haven't yet decided exactly how the money will be spent.

“We've been working hard with our existing cadets and trying to grow the base of juniors at the same time and I think we will give some thought to using the money for a promotion which will help do that,” he says.

“There are some extremely proactive members here at the club and everything I have suggested in terms of making things better for the juniors they have been enthusiastic about helping with and I can't thank them enough for that."

“The junior committee does a wonderful job and in particular Geoff Staines who has done a lot of work to boost the funding for them at the club.”

Single says among the initiatives implemented at the club since he began is free weekly clinics for all cadets while the club also helps fund some of the elite juniors when they travel to play events.

“For club members the clinics are free but for non members it's only $5 so it's affordable for everyone,” he says.

“And I have also collected a lot of sets of clubs from the members which we give to any new juniors who join the club so they don't have to buy them. All they have to purchase is a bag so it takes a lot of the cost out of getting started in the game."

“The members here at the club have been fantastic in helping with that program as well so I think with this $5,000 we will just go from strength to strength.”

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