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Teachers Excited About Golf
















Teaching staff from Wauchope to Maclean have undergone training to deliver golf as a five week sport program in their schools.

Urunga Public, Huntingdon Public and St Joseph’s Kempsey now have staff trained in all three stages of the curriculum.  This means golf is being presented to every student from Kindergarten to Year 6 in those schools.

High Schools were well represented with Kempsey, Grafton and South Grafton having their PE teachers in attendance.  All three schools are looking to extend the course into a full term module for their Year 9 and 10 PASS classes as well as the Year 11 and 12 SLR courses.  Possibilities may arise to have the students trained to deliver golf coaching to the local Primary School students.

The staff were especially delighted to work with volunteers from the local clubs.  Not only did it boost the numbers to make the activities more enjoyable, but they will have a friendly face to work with when the students return to the club for their Gala or Wombat Days.

Linda Batten from Bonville Public school even took time to write a very kind email of her experience:

“I attended that Junior Golf course run by Ray Robbins and wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course.  I am, by nature, not a sporty person but I found the activities he presented easy and fun.  I am looking forward to presenting them to our school and also to attending a gala/fun day at the local golf course.  I highly recommend this course!”

Teacher Richard Clark surrounded by volunteers from South West Rocks Country Club

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