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Eager Faces at the Braidwood Junior Clinic

On 10th, 11th and 12th January 2018 Braidwood Golf Club conducted a Junior Golf Clinic. Twenty children between the ages of five and fourteen attended.

The Club was very fortunate to secure the services of Damon Welsford, a teaching professional golfer from Federal Golf Club in Canberra.  This was made possible by the generous and much appreciated support of the ACT Monaro District Golf Association.

Each day the children were led through a series of drills and games designed to develop skills in putting, chipping and long hitting. The second part of the morning activities gave the children an opportunity to get on the course and play a few holes.  This was done under the supervision of Damon and a willing team of generous volunteers from Braidwood Golf Club.

Sue Harrison, from the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation provided invaluable assistance in planning and publicity. She also liaised with Damon and provided practical assistance and advice on the course.

Special mention should be made of Damon Welsford’s skill in engaging the children’s interest, evoking their enthusiasm and encouraging their efforts.  Much of the undoubted success of the clinic is attributable to his teaching and his easy and relaxed interaction with the children.

The Clinic concluded with a barbecue lunch and presentation on the last day. All participants in the Clinic were presented with a golf package generously provided by Braidwood Community Bank. Five extra awards were presented for children who showed special skills and/or outstanding attitude.

It was clear that the children had enjoyed the experience and were keen to continue with golf.  Comments from parents were complimentary and positive.

Some comments from parents included:

‘Many thanks for providing a great program for the kids of Braidwood again – O had an awesome time’

‘We wanted to thank everyone for the organisation and care of the children. S and J loved it. I think the 3 days may have sparked an interest in golf.’

‘Thank you for a wonderful 3 days. M had a really good time and I am encouraged because at her request we played a few holes today.’

‘L loved it.  Thank you to all concerned.’

‘Thank you so much for organising the clinic.  It is such a terrific event for Braidwood.’

‘Thank you for all your hard work.  On Sunday P did a round of golf with J.  It was so good to see him maintaining his enthusiasm through to the last hole.’

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