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Academy Players Go 3D

Members of our Central Coast and Hunter Academy of Sport Golf Squads participated in one on one session last weekend at Magenta Shores and Charlestown Golf Clubs

Golf BioDynamics is the worlds leading expert in 3D technology golf swing mechanics and linking the technical to physical.

Dr. Rob Neal, who is an Australian based in Florida, is a golf biochemist with almost 30 years of experience in golf swing mechanics.  He has published more than 20 international scientific journal articles on golf mechanic’s and presents regularly in forums on golf throughout the UK, Europe, US and Australia.

Our athletes had the opportunity to take their game to the next level by learning more about their own golf swing in these customized sessions which integrated 3D biomechanics, Trackman data and video analysis in each swing.

Regional Jack Newton Territory Manager Mark Ingrey was on hand at both sessions during the month and also found the days a great education of golf.

“Dr. Rob Neal is great to work with; while both squad members and coaches increase their knowledge on each golf swing.  The science behind each swing is unique to the student and Rob has the ability to get each student to understand, practice, execute and develop into a great player” said Mark

Having access to Rob is hard to put in words, his knowledge, enthusiasm and presence at our programs is huge.  "I certainly view these sessions as a huge positive to the squad members and the regional academies programming," said Mark.

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