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Automatic Qualifiers Announced for Fayde Matchplay

(Wednesday 15th August, 2018)

The following 72 players have received an invitation to play in the Scratch Divisions of the 2018 Fayde Junior Matchplay, to be held at the Mt Broughton Golf and Country Club on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th October 2018.

With a massive increase in numbers across all JNJG events throughout the start of 2018, especially in the younger age groups, an additional contest has been created to cater for these younger players. There will now be a Boys 11 Years and Under Matchplay Event, whilst there has also been a change in the Girls with the Divisions being split at 14 Years & Under and 15 Years & Over.

In addition to these Scratch Divisions, 32 players can nominate to enter the Handicap Division of the Matchplay, with those positions being allocated on a first in - best dressed basis. These players will compete in a handicap matchplay competition, played in the same format as the Scratch Divisions.

Girls 14 Years & Under (Name - Scoring Average in Bracket)

Sophie Yip (72.23), Claire Shin (77.50), Jasmine Driscoll (81.17) Brielle Mapanao (81.37), Charlotte Perkins (83.03), Alyssa Wikana (83.73), Ella Murray (84.07), Nara Shin (85.89).

Reserves (in order) - Selena Bosevski (1st), Jasmine Vesper (2nd), Ella Scaysbrook (3rd), Sophia Perkins (4th).

Girls 15 Years & Over

Grace Kim (69.56), Monica Johnson (73.14), Belinda Ji (73.78), June Song (74.52), Yerin Kim (76.21), Kara Williams (76.70), Annika Boyd (78.26), Stephanie Kyriacou (W/D).

Reserves (in order) - Amber Thornton (IN), Angelina Gong (1st), Issy Hawes (2nd), Makensie Toole (3rd), Annika Rathbone (4th), Taylah Ellems (5th).

Boys 11 Years and Under

Max Fischer (82.32), Jamie Smith (82.94), Toby Farrar (84.50), Noah Komulainen (84.88), Jonathon Hong (85.25), Matt Fullerton (85.50), Enzo Moon (85.94), Harry Gourlay (86.38).

Reserves (in order) - Josh Hawkshaw (1st), Vidur Subramaniam (2nd), Adam Ding (3rd), Nathan White (4th).

Boys 12 Years

Harry Atkinson (77.50), Kai Komulainen (78.82), Alex Radevski (83.21), Riley Millers (83.63), Adam Derbas (83.67), Blake Hodges (85.90), Brock Best (87.92), James Li (88.44).

Reserves (in order) - Benny Xu (1st), Oliver Huynh (2nd), Lachlan Kerridge (3rd), Jake Davis (4th), Aaron Valdy (5th).

Boys 13 Years

Jye Halls (77.15), Blake Halls (79.94), Isaac Fan (80.29), Brij Ingrey (80.70), Jake Riley (80.88), Andrew Brown (81.80), Ryan Fletcher (81.92), Oliver Davis (82.37).

Reserves (in order) - Sam Bakes (1st), Josh Hayes (2nd), Nihal Gaunder (3rd), Shashank Koirala (4th).

Boys 14 Years

Jeffrey Guan (72.68), Ali Rachid (75.52), Jonathan Boediman (78.38), Josh Todd (79.12), Sebastian Sara (80.00), Kade Webber (80.79), Josh Crampton (81.23), Daley Loumanis (81.29).

Reserves (in order) - Josh Madeleine (1st), Will Moody (2nd), Arki Valdy (3rd), Cameron Jackson (4th), Bowen Small (5th).

Boys 15 Years

Bart Carroll (73.59), Eddie Ward (75.07), Harry Cleare (75.44), Jeff Fan (75.60), Fletcher Murray (75.75), Brock Speechley (75.80), Keegan Phillips (76.80), Daniel Eun (77.09).

Reserves (in order) - Ethan Harvey (1st), Rhys Vella (2nd), Max Duffy Smith (3rd), Marco Perin (4th), Jeff Pullen (5th).

Boys 16 Years

Harrison Crowe (70.88), Tom Heaton (71.31), Lachlan Chamberlain (72.90), Isaac Outridge (73.00), Josh Bell (73.63), Lachlan Jones (73.65), Conor Whitelock (73.71), Josh Robards (74.45).

Reserves (in order) - Will Daibarra (1st), Harvey Remfrey (2nd), Oli Payne (3rd), Aaron Maxwell (4th), Cameron Rios (5th), Alex Zhu (6th).

Boys 17 Years

Corey Lamb (71.74), Ethan Chambers (72.90), Adam Coull (73.80), Jackson Hall (74.07), Cameron Walton (74.25), Andy Li (74.93), Aiden Powter (75.17), Tom Popov (75.50).

Reserves (in order) - Jack Harlen Robertson (1st), Brandon Vella (2nd), Adam Naaman (3rd), Harry Drewitt-Smith (4th), Kaine Andres (5th), Luka Brucic (6th).


Handicap Division Player List

(Updated - Thursday 16th August - 8:00am)

(Handicap Division player list will be updated as entry forms are received)

Girls - Sophia Perkins (1), Silka Solomon (2), Selena Bosevski (3), Emily Martin (4), Lili Kremmer (5),

Boys - Bradley Wills (1), Isaac Brown (2), Brandon Vella (3), Michael Nguyen (4),


The entry form for the automatic qualifiers or those wishing to enter the Handicap Divisions of the Matchplay is available by clicking here.



2018 Fayde Junior Match Play

(Friday 10th August 2018)

A total of 72 players will automatically qualify for the 2018 Fayde Junior Matchplay, to be played at the Mount Broughton Golf and Country Club on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th October 2018.

The players who qualify for the event do so based on a combination of the 2018 Junior Vardon (boys), Junior Jean Derrin (girls) and JNJG Futures Averages.

These combined averages take into account golf tournaments held right across the country, from 18 Hole Junior Club events, JNJG Tour Events, and even National and World Ranking Events. The averages are calculated from events held over the past nine months, starting with the 2017 Bonville Champions Trophy in December, right through to the 2018 NSW Junior Championships and 2018 JNJG State Age Championships held in the July school holidays.

The widespread collection of results ensures the best eight golfers in each age division from all parts of NSW get their chance to compete in the event and become the Fayde Matchplay Champion in their own age division.

In total, 56 boys are split across seven age divisions from 11 Years and Under right through to 17 Years, whilst the girls are split into two divisions, with 16 players qualifying across two divisions, those being 14 Years and Under and 15 Years and Over.

An additional 32 spots are open for players to enter and compete in the Fayde Junior Matchplay Handicap Division, also held at Mount Broughton Golf and Country Club on the same dates. These positions in the handicap divisions are allocated on a first in best dressed basis and open to any junior who holds a current GA Handicap and is a current JNJG Tour Member.

The first 24 Boys (split into three divisions) and the first 8 Girls (all in one division) to register, regardless of age or handicap, will be given a spot in one of the four Handicap Matchplay Divisions with eight spots available in each division.

It is important to remember that players will be playing 2 x 18 Hole Matches on the first day so all players MUST be able to walk 36 holes in one day to be able to compete in the Fayde Matchplay. 

The list of 72 players (plus reserves in each division, just in case a player is unable to attend) who have automatically qualified for the Scratch Age Divisions of the Fayde Junior Matchplay will be posted here on Wednesday 15th August, the day that entries will open up for the Matchplay.

Wednesday will also be the day you can register for the Handicap Divisions of the Fayde Matchplay but you'll have to be quick, as entries for the Handicap Matchplay Divisions always fill up quickly.


List of Qualifiers and Entry Forms - Click Here (Available Wednesday 15th August 2018) 

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