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JNJG Member Protection Policy

Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation of NSW Inc. (trading as Jack Newton Junior Golf (JNJG)) was created to encourage, conduct and promote junior golf throughout New South Wales. This Policy is made for the purpose of governing the conduct and administration of junior golf in New South Wales and to promote the objectives of JNJG in its Statement of Objectives (The Constitution). JNJG is committed to provide an environment that is safe for children, free from harassment and abuse for everyone and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values. This Policy provides a Code of Conduct forming the basis of appropriate and ethical conduct which everyone must abide by. This Policy is an essential part of JNJG’s proactive and preventative approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour. The Chief Executive Officer of JNJG is committed to ensuring that everyone associated with the organization complies with the Policy. This Policy was reviewed and approved by the Board of Jack Newton Junior Golf on 31st of May 2018.


Jack Newton Junior Golf Member Protection Policy - Revised Jan 2020

The Member Protection Policy includes; 

JNJG Policy for Interacting with Children

JNJG Coach (or Manager) Code of Behaviour

JNJG Communication Policy

JNJG Social Media Policy

JNJG Parent, Spectator and Bag Pusher Policy

JNJG Air Quality Policy


JNJG & GNSW Combined Child Protection Policies

Interaction With Children Policy

ChildSafe Sport Infographic

Standard Code of Behaviour – 2022

Medical Consent Form – 2022

ChildSafe Standards Statement

Member Protection Standard – 2022

Confidential Record Of Complaint

Complaints Handling Procedure

Coaching Code of Behaviour – 2022

ChildSafe Sport Critical Action Matrix

Record of Informal Complaint – 2022

Incident Report Form – 2022


JNJG Member Protection Officer Contacts

1. Dale Hughes - or 0401 996 686

2. Mark Ingrey - or 0447 464 739

3. Tanya Smith - or 0411 645 699


As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Jack Newton Junior Golf have also put together the following Covid 19 Documents and Policies which will also make up part of the Member Protection Policy (effective June 2020).

JNJG (NSW Government) Covid-19 Safety Plan for Community Sporting Competitions

JNJG (Aus Sport) Covid-19 Safety Plan

JNJG (Aus Sport) Covid-19 Return To Sport Check List

JNJG Covid-19 Fact Sheet

World Health Organisation (WHO) Covid19 Risk vs Mitigation


JNJG Covid Safety Officer 

1. Dale Hughes - or 0401 996 686