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Students Enjoy Golf Club Visit

Gresford Public School found the perfect way to complete their MyGolf program this month with all 60 students attending their first visit to a “real” golf course.

Although the day was chilly with a strong wind, it did not stop the students from having a great time on the course.

Paterson Golf Club combined with JNJG Territory Manager Mark Ingrey to provide the students with a perfectly conditioned golf course, sausage sizzle, warm-up activities and Wombat Golf over 6 modified holes.

Students from Kinder to Year 6 worked their way around the enjoyable country course in teams of six learning all there is about golf during the full day program.  While there was constant laughter and excitement all students showed great skills and understanding of the swing.  The constant interactions with the local kangaroos did not stop the golf and each team recorded some great scores upon their return to the clubhouse.

The day was a perfect example of school golf programs working for the students and various organisation’s coming together to provide a fantastic outcome for Gresford Public School.

Special thanks goes to Active After-Schools Communities, Paterson Golf Club, Paterson Butcher, Gresford Public School Staff and our parental volunteers.


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