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AASC Course Visits

On Thursday 19th June 14 students from the Burraneer Bay AASC site walked down to Woolooware Golf Club to try out their new golf skills they had learnt off their coach Brooke from Kelly Sports. The kids had been doing golf through the AASC program at their OOSH with Brooke for 6 weeks and wanted to try out their skills at a ‘real’ golf course!

On Monday 23rd June Woolooware OOSH bought down 37 kids that had also been doing golf during the term with their golf coach Farina Medina. After a couple of bus trips in the JNJG bus all the students were down at Woolooware Golf Club and ready to show off what they had learnt over the last 6 weeks.

Both sessions were set up so the kids got to have a turn at putting, chipping and long shots. At each of these stations they were able to show off the skills they had learnt throughout their golf sessions at the AASC site. Lots of talent was shown and all the kids and teachers enjoyed themselves and many kids were excited to visit the golf club again and learn some more skills off the pro’s!

Big thanks to Woolooware GC for hosting the AASC kids and also to the coaches from the club Adam Short and Chris Jamieson who gave up their time and helped out to make the golf session successful.

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