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SERAS Golf Program 2017 

About SERAS: The South East Regional Academy of Sport (SERAS) exists to: 

  •  Identify talented young athletes from within the south east region of NSW (including the ACT); 
  •  Provide access to high performance sport development programs; and 
  •  Encourage athletes to reach their full potential in their chosen sport. 

Selection Criteria: 

  •  Female and male athletes turning 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 years of age in 2017; 
  •  Handicap range for boys is preferably 10 and under and for girls is preferably 15 and under; 
  •  Players must be affiliated members of a golf club and reside within the SERAS region or the ACT; 
  •  Players must be athletic and show potential in improving skills and ability; and 
  •  Players must be enthusiastic, motivated and committed. 

Selection Process: 

All athletes wishing to gain a scholarship in the Golf Program for 2017 will need to complete a nomination form. After nominations have been received there will be up to 10 scholarships offered for 2017. The offer of scholarships will be based on current handicaps. It is the intention of the program to have a mix of boys and girls in the squad with a minimum of 5 scholarships being awarded to athletes that reside within the SERAS region. 

Scholarship Program: 

The scholarship program will run for a period of approximately 6 months with an annual Mayoral Reception being held at each Local Government Authority member within the SERAS region. Scholarship holders will be required to undergo an induction process, attend weekend training camps, and participate in academy activities. 

SERAS squad sport programs generally offer: 

  •  High level coaching, training and skill development; 
  •  Specialist advice in areas such as sport science, sports medicine, nutrition, sport injury prevention and management; 
  •  Personal development – drugs in sport, public speaking, media skills, time management, etc; 
  •  Fitness testing and strength and conditioning programs; 
  •  Touring opportunities; and 
  •  Uniforms, equipment, subsidised travel and accommodation for training camps. 

All scholarship holders must pay a levy of $350.00 which covers the cost of uniforms and program activities. 

Nominations close Wednesday 23rd October 2016

Click here for the nomination form.

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