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Vardy's Road Public School Visit Stonecutters Ridge

Golf is not new to Vardy’s Road Public School. In fact, it was two years ago that Mr Murphy applied for and received their first Sporting School Golf Grant. “We started by teaching school sport each week to all students in Years 3 to 6. As it was on a weekly group rotation we found that the students only had three sessions each – we wanted to increase this,” Mr Murphy mentioned.

So Mr Murphy used the resources of MyGolf to teach his classes. First a Year 3, then a Year 5/6 composite in 2016 and again in 2017.

“But this year I got the chance to work with Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club and Greg at Jack Newton Junior Golf (JNJG) to complete our training with a golf excursion to provide my students an amazing experience.”

And it was amazing! Of course, to the students riding in a golf buggy was a highlight as well as “lying on the green - it felt like a bed!” All new experiences for the 28 kids who had never been to a golf course. Their previous coaching was spot on, with a birdie carded and the winning score of 4 over in five holes playing an Ambrose format.

“My kids have enjoyed our golf session each week as part of their fitness program – but it was the work by Glen and Ash at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course as well as Greg from JNJG that really helped them see the teamwork and fun in golf – we will be back!”

Next steps? Mr Murphy is working with his Principal to introduce golf as a regular weekly program for school sport in Term 1 2018 culminating in the golf excursion. Training other teachers is also a focus of this leading golf school with the hope that more teachers will gain the skill to help students take up this wonderful game providing fitness, teamwork and communication abilities. 

- Brett Murphy, Vardy's Road Public School Teacher

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