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Mortdale Public School MyGolf

Having secured a Sporting Schools grant, Mortdale Public School decided to do MyGolf as their sport in Term 2 and 3. They decided on an 8 week program with the last day being a trip to the local golf club. Andrew Booth and Glen Dick from Kareela Golf Club shared the coaching at the school teaching the students all about how to hold a club and where to stand while hitting a golf ball, and then showed them basic chipping and hitting skills for 1 hour every Friday. Being close to Hurstville Golf Course, Greg Watkinson from Jack Newton Junior Golf organised a Skills Challenge with Stewart Hardiman, the professional there.  

On the last Friday, 4th August, a bus load of Mortdale PS kids descended on the Hurstville practice area. They tested their skills at hitting with a driver in the nets, hitting a 7 iron straight and long, and chipping on to a “green” (circle of rope with a witches hat as the hole) The weather was very good with just a slight breeze from the north west. Everyone had a great time and were invited to attend a free Come and Try session with the teaching professionals at the club.

The best net hitter was Flynn. The best chipper was Erica and the best straight and long hitter was Jordan.

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