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Students Love Golf

Martindale Public School is located just outside Denman and is relatively small with only 27 students attending.

However this does not stop our “Golf in Schools” trained teacher from providing a fun and engaging golf program over a number of weeks; in which students worked through chipping, pitching, long games and designing a putting course in their classroom.

To finish the program Martindale visited Muswellbrook Golf Club for a two-hour program developed by Territory manager Mark Ingrey.  During the two hours the students worked through a six hole modified course, which provided valuable experience of long game, chipping and putting on a real golf green. 

Playing in teams of 4 each group learnt a team’s form of golf called Ambrose.  This was a great way to involve all students and maintain a fun interactive session. 

To finish the afternoon the student’s participated in a chipping contest which they all enjoyed before returning to the clubhouse for some snacks and juice poppers provided by the golf club.

This was a fun afternoon and I’m sure the students are eagerly awaiting the next golf program.

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