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MyGolf with Lindfield East Public School

Roseville Golf Club announced their first participant in their newly launched MyGolf Program is Lindfield East Public School. As part of Lindfield East’s third term sports program, held on Friday mornings, approximately 25 Primary School students, aged 8 to 12, are being taught the basic skills of the game of golf. Due to the lack of open space at the school, the students are attending Roseville Golf Club under the strict supervision of their teachers and our volunteers.

The MyGolf Program is an initiative of Golf Australia and the Professional Golf Association of Australia and Roseville Golf Club are indeed fortunate to have Greg Watkinson from Jack Newton Junior Golf, who administers this program in their area, to guide them through this ambitious venture.

The MyGolf course is a well-structured program and will lead the students through the initial steps of learning to play golf. As they progress through the different skill levels and graduate, they will be given the opportunity to join Roseville Golf Club's cadet and junior ranks. The emphasis of this program is for these young golfers to have fun in a safe, learning environment. These initial clinics are being held in the area between the 13th green and the 16A green, and steps have been taken not to unduly impact on the Friday morning ladies, playing the 16th hole.

At the time of writing, it is Roseville Golf Club's intention to register the Club as an official MyGolf centre which will allow them to attract children from the local area to join an afternoon, weekend or school holiday clinic. Scott Spence will teach the basics and the Club support his instructions. It’s very simple and great fun.

Having completed four clinics so far it is very fulfilling to see the improvement in these students as they progress through the different skill levels. This year Roseville GC hopes to field a team in the Encourage Shield, an event for juniors to compete in an annual handicap and match play competition. The objective is to provide young golfers the opportunity to learn match play, in an environment that is fun, supportive and free of undue interference.

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