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ACT Monaro Junior Week of Golf

As has been the case for many years now the ACT Monaro District Golf Association (DGA) held it’s annual July School Holiday Junior Week of Golf.  This year the Women’s District Association, the Central Southern Golf Association (CSGA) supported and assisted with the event by contributing prizes and providing personnel.

Gail Goiser, DGA Junior Promotions Officer (JPO) was the tournament organiser supported by Jim Jackson (DGA Captain), Tony Brown (DGA President), Sue Harrison (CSGA JPO), and Shirley Walsh (CSGA Treasurer).  Significant support was also provided by host golf clubs, Murrumbidgee Country Club, Belconnen Magpies Golf Club, Yass Golf Club and Federal Golf Club.  Incorporated in the tournament were the Murrumbidgee Junior Open and Yass Junior Open.

Tournament sponsors included the ACT Monaro DGA, CSGA and Drummond Golf Fyshwick.  Mr George Dashwood of Yass Nursery was the major sponsor of the Yass Junior Open.

The four-day tournament hosted a number of interstate visitors from Cromer, Russell Vale, Moruya, and St. Michaels golf clubs.  Players represented local clubs including Gold Creek, Federal, Royal Canberra, Gungahlin Lakes, ADF Fairbairn, Queanbeyan, Yowani, Capital, Belconnen Magpies, Yass, Cooma and Murrumbidgee.

The tournament format involved Division 1 playing stroke with a handicap range of 10 or better, Division 2 playing stableford with a handicap range of 11-36, and sub-junior playing stroke with no Golf Australia handicap.  Approximately 25 players competed in each division with not all players playing all four days.  A total of nine sub-juniors played a modified nine holes at Murrumbidgee, Belconnen Magpies and Federal.

Players and Officials were most appreciative of the generosity of all clubs and sponsors.  ACT Monaro juniors are indeed lucky to have such a dedicated team and supportive golfing community.  The next Junior Week of Golf will be held in the October ACT School Holidays.  We hope that all are able to participate.


Day 1: Murrumbidgee Junior Open

We had the best of the weather at Murrumbidgee with a 9am start.  After a -4 degree frost and early fog, a clear, sunny sky eventuated with no sign of a breeze all day.  A number of players sported shorts, skirts and shirts while others covered up with a jumper.  The course was reported to be in excellent condition.  Players were provided with a sandwich for lunch.

There were 9 girls and 41 boys compete over the 18 hole events.  Tan and Minh Nugyen, Christopher and David Lafferty and Callun Robertson played the nine-hole short course in the sub-junior event.

Daily prizes were:


Best Gross                Jakub Gancarz      70

Runner Up                Joshua Hunter         75

Best Nett                  Amber Thornton     71

Runner Up                Lachlan Ingram      72 c/b

Best Stableford      Jordan Thompson 48

Runner Up                Ryan Chew              46


Daily Prize                Chloe Thornton

Best Stableford      Cassandra Linares

Day 2: Belconnen Magpies Golf Club

Day 2 saw a later and warmer start to the day with some cloud cover enduring.  Conditions for play were good and the course had a good coverage of grass on the fairways and in the rough.  Paul Thorne, the local JPO, was on hand and assisted with organisation of players, lunches and sub-juniors.  Belconnen Magpies provided a BBQ with cheeseburgers and bacon and egg rolls for players.  Bottled water was also available.

There were 9 girls, 43 boys that competed at Belconnen. Oliver Hammond, Mikayla and Alicia Von Renouard, Minh and Tan Nugyen enjoyed playing a modified 6 holes in the sub-juniors event.

Daily prizes were:


Best Gross                Corey Rae               73

Runner Up                Josh Armstrong       75 c/b

Best Nett                  Brett Levier               74 c/b

Runner Up                Luke Corcoran       74 c/b

Best Stableford      David Howard        45

Runner Up                Alex Childs              38


Daily Prize                Amber Thornton

Best Stableford      Taylah Ellems

Day 3: Yass Golf Club

The day at Yass was a big day out for all.  Forty-six players and officials travelled to Yass at no cost on a Roger’s Coach.  Early pick up points were from Capital Golf Club and Gungahlin Lakes.  The trip from Gungahlin took about 40 minutes and all golf bags and accessories easily fitted into the luggage compartment underneath.  Only one player missed the bus due to sleeping in and he soon arrived at Yass ready to play.

Upon arrival the weather was calm and cool with cloud building.  Fortunately for the first group, they got around quickly and were the only ones not to get wet and blown by the rain and strong winds that arrived, as they were finishing.  The rain was icy and made conditions very difficult.  Hands were numb and clubs were flying with slippery grips.  It took quite a few hot chocolates to warm up.

The players enjoyed sausage sandwiches and flavoured milk for lunch provided by Yass sponsor, Mr Dashwood of Yass Nursery, as well as a generous array of prizes.

It was a pleasure to visit the Yass Golf Club and experience the country feel.  The course has no bunkers or water, however the domed greens and undulations ensured a tough challenge for competitors.  The course was in super condition with smooth greens.  There were 8 girls, 41 boys that participated.  A number of local sub-juniors played some holes with their parents.

Daily prizes were:


Best Gross                Joshua Hunter                     70

Runner Up                Josh Armstrong                   71

Best Nett                  Luke Corcoran                   68

Runner Up                Lachlan Ingram                  69

Best Stableford      Daniel Kemp                       36

Runner Up                Jay Macdonald                 34


Best Gross                Madeleine Hunter             76 c/b

Runner Up                Stefanie Hall                                    76

Best Stableford      Eleanor Bance                   

Day 4: Federal Golf Club

The final day promised to be a challenge with a stiff cold breeze and a picture of snow on the hills.  Fortunately when down in the gully we were protected from the wind and the club-house afterwards was cosy and warm.  The course was in excellent condition with speedy greens, especially on the downhill.  Lunch included sausage sandwiches.

Lachlan Chamberlain on a handicap of 12 had an eagle on the 2nd hole.

Day 4 saw 8 girls and 38 boys participate.  Sub-juniors were Callun Robertson, Mikayla and Alicia Von Renouard, and Anjana Muralithar from Belconnen Magpies and played 9 modified holes.

Prize Winners:


Best Gross                Joshua Hunter                     70

Runner Up                Kris Cole                               73

Best Nett                  Dean Lord                            72

Runner Up                Trent Britton                          73 c/b

Best Stableford      Riley Willcox                       44

Runner Up                Isabelle Hawes                  41


Daily Prize                Isabelle Hawes

Best Stableford      Isabelle Hawes

The Junior Week of Golf Overall Champions were:


Boys               Corey Rae               Cromer                                 296

Girls                Stefanie Hall            St. Michaels                                    312

Runners Up

Boys               Josh Hunter              Royal Canberra                  299ocb

Girls                Chloe Thornton       NSW Golf Club                   317


Boys               Adam Thorpe         Belconnen Magpies         292    

Girls                Amber Thornton     NSW Golf Club                   298

Runners Up

Boys               Luke Corcoran       Royal Canberra                  293


Boys               David Howard        Belconnen Magpies         148

A complete run down of results can be found by clicking here.

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