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JNJG Masters Points Race

The JNJG Masters Points Race is designed to recognise players who are consistent performers in all JNJG Junior Masters Series Events in 2013.

Please Click Here for the GIRLS Master Points Race Leaderboard. (Updated 25/10/13).

Please Click Here for the BOYS Masters Points Race Leaderboard. (Updated 25/10/13).

Eligibility Criteria

-   For the points race, all participants will be placed in an age division according to the age they turn in 2013.

-   Points will be allocated according to three divisions, 12 & 13 Years, 14 & 15 Years, 16 Years and Over.

-   Example. Joe Smith turns 16 on March 23rd, 2013. He will be placed in the 16 Years and Over division for the Masters Points Race. At the Bathurst Junior Masters, Joe will compete in the 14 and 15 Years division as he is only 15 years old at the event, but when points are allocated for the Points Race, he is placed in the 16 Years and Over division.

-   There is no minimum number of rounds required for the points race.

-   Points Allocation at each event for 2013.

-   Winner - 50 Points

-   Runner Up - 25 Points

-   Third -> Fifth - 15 Points

-   Sixth > Tenth - 10 Points

-   Outside Top Ten - 5 Points

JNJG will send the winner of each age division (boy and girl) to Queensland to represent JNJG in the 2013 Greg Norman Junior Masters, held in December.


JNJG Masters Series Events

(Dates were correct at time of publication - please check JNJG calendar for official tournament entry forms and dates)

-         Wagga Wagga Junior Masters (16th - 17th March)

-         Bathurst Junior Masters (6th – 7th April)

-         Wollongong Junior Masters (25th – 26th April) (Anzac Day Public Holiday)

-         Macarthur Junior Masters (9th - 10th June) (June Long Weekend)

-         South West Rocks Junior Masters (29th – 30th June)

-         Muswellbrook Junior Masters (10th – 11th August)

-         South Coast (Catalina) Junior Masters (31st August – 1st September)

-         Brett Ogle (Goulburn) Junior Masters (16th - 17th November)




For any questions about the 2013 Masters Points Race Leaderboard, please contact Dale Hughes on 9567 7736 or

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