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Hunter Girls Golf Camp 2017

Thursday and Friday last week Cypress Lakes Resort played host to the 2nd annual Girls Golf Camp.

Organised and driven by Hunter River Ladies Junior Promotions Officer Natalie Wood the camp allows girls of all ages and skill levels to come together for fun and interactive golf tuition provided by Mark Ingrey (JNJG) and Tanya Smith (JNJG) 

Natalie Wood has been the driving force within the Hunter in recent years focusing on introducing young girls to golf.  Her goal is to provide girls with opportunities to learn the game but more importantly allow the girls from various areas to build friendships while enjoying the activities.  

"Currently the girls involved range from beginners to intermediate players with their ages between 6 & 16yrs,"  said Natalie. 

Each year we hold four Sunday morning 3 hour sessions at various golf clubs throughout the Hunter River DGA, with the annual Camp in July holidays at Cypress Lakes Resort. The resort provides access and accommodation within the perfect setting for the girls to learn and develop their skills.  At the end of the camp it is hard to workout who has had more fun, the girls while learning golf or the coach’s who have been entertained by the girls……

"The camp is all about fun while learning golf.  We provide fun education about all areas of the game, including morning warm-up and fitness sessions.  The girls make this camp amazing, they have various skill levels, they have addictive personalities and better still most of them hadn't meet each-other before the camps and now they enjoy great friendships and some have joined their local clubs to play more. Natalie is doing an amazing job, to come from 3 girls two years ago to a database of 28 is amazing, the girls are all learning and building long-term friendships while golfing.  We can not thank Cypress Lakes Resort enough for their help in proving such an amazing property for the camps.  The atmosphere is so relaxed while the facilities they offer provide us and the families with an amazingly entertaining environment," said Mark.

To join Girls Golf contact Mark or Natalie Wood 0402 331951 

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