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A Primary School in Minto gets Involved with MyGolf

Having secured a Sporting Schools grant, Sarah Redfern Public School decided to do MyGolf as their sport. One of the teachers, Mr  Brcic, who is a keen golfer, contacted Jack Newton Junior Golf to arrange for a coach to deliver the 4 week program with 5 classes. The funding allowed for 2 one hour session each Thursday for the 4 weeks and two JNJG coaches, Greg Watkinson and Jack Steed, bought equipment to the school and had loads of fun with the 135 kids. 

The teachers also got involved and not only helped supervise but actually hit some shots, showing the kids how to do it. Skills learned were chipping into a hoop, chip and catch, and pitching “on to the green” (a yellow rope in a circle). The children were very well behaved and really enjoyed the whole program. Many of the children showed the potential to become golfers and the local club, Lakeside Camden, invited them to attend their holiday clinics. 

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