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2016 Junior Boys Interstate Teams Series - ACT Report

Team at Canberra Airport – Josh Armstrong (Captain), Trent Britton, Luka Brucic, 
Lachlan Bill, Brett Levier, Lachlan Chamberlain, Coach Warren Coulson and Manager Gail Goiser

This year our representative team, a little younger than the past years and all eligible for selection for 2017. Team coach Warren Coulson was pleased with the effort of the members of the Squad of eleven who started training last October and it again became a difficult decision for the final team selection. 

Our team captain this year Josh Armstrong has been a member of the ACT junior representative team for six years and it is great that he will still be eligible again in 2017. Josh was joined by Lachlan Bill and Trent Britton from the 2015 team and new members Luka Brucic, Lachlan Chamberlain and Brett Levier. 

The Ulverstone course of 6104 metres has a challenging layout, with tree-lined undulating fairways to provide an unyielding test of the golfer's ability. The very dry conditions gave the green keepers a challenge for the ten days but all greens were in excellent condition and were not simple to play. 

After a practice round on Tuesday 12 April the boys competed in the Australian Boys’ Amateur Championship and after the first two days Josh, Luka and Lachlan Chamberlain all qualified for the final 36 holes. A great effort by the three 

to finish in top 60 of a field of 160 of top players from all states of Australia and a strong group from New Zealand. Championship winner was Daniel Hillier from New Zealand. The New Zealand team of four defeated the Australian team by 11 strokes to take the Clare Higson Trophy contested between the two countries. 

Saturday 16 April was a rest day a chance to have a look around and then do some training on the beach. 

Sunday morning was a very early start to get to the club for warm up before the first match against Western Australia. Josh and Trent lost 2/1 and Lachlan Chamberlain lost 3/2, Luka lost 5/4 and Brett lost 7/5. A tough start but all looked forward to the afternoon match against NSW. 

The afternoon match against NSW and again as in previous years, players seemed to lift and all matches were close. A win to Trent 3/1, square to Brett, 1 down loss for Lachlan Bill, Josh and Luka had 3/2 losses. 

Monday morning again some close matches against the team from Queensland. Trent had a 1up win, Josh and Brett both 1down and both Lachlan’s 5/4 losses. 

The afternoon in match against South Australia Josh won 3/2, the two Lachlan’s lost 3/2, Trent lost 4/3 and Luka lost 5/3. 

Territories challenge day 

Tuesday morning the annual “territories” challenge began with a photo session and then all ACT players encouraged team members to win again the ‘Inter Territories Challenge Cup”. Luka had the best result of 7/6 win with Lachlan Chamberlain a great 5/4 victory, Trent and Brett both won 2/1 and Josh finished with square.

ACT team with coach Warren and Northern Territory team with coach Tony Albon

After the late finish to the morning match the players needed to have a very quick lunch and get out to the fourth tee for afternoon play. Unfortunately players arrived late and our first match against Victoria was declared a walk over. Brett had a nail biting 1 up win, Josh lost 2/1 and both Trent and Lachlan Chamberlain lost 4/3. 

Wednesday morning the team had to have a win over the host state to retain our sixth position. Josh had a very strong 5/4 win, Lachlan Bill won 3/1, Trent and Luka both squared and Brett lost 5/4. The win did keep ACT in sixth position and the team is looking forward to 2017 when they hope to move up the ladder. The 2017 matches will be played in Wollongong area. 

I wish to thank all members of our State team for their excellent behaviour during the ten day visit to Ulverstone. Ulverstone had some very nice eating places and all the boys enjoyed the food offered, schnitzels were popular for some. 

All players are encouraged to work hard over the next twelve months for possible selection in the 2017 team when we will be playing closer to home and probably on a course they know. The Wollongong area has been chosen, with courses yet to be announced. 

You always have to have someone stand out from the others for other than golfing abilities and thank you Brett Levier this year for keeping us all entertained 

On behalf of the ACT-Monaro DGA I wish to again thank Warren Coulson for his many hours of great coaching, mentoring and his supervision of the team.

Report by: Gail Goiser, Team Manager

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