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2017 Junior Pennant Final

After a very wet Saturday, Sunday 3rd December turned out to be a warm sunny day with just a slight breeze, as Bexley GC prepared to compete against Pymble GC for the 2017 Junior Pennant.

Early in the contest the young Bexley boys seemed to have a slight edge on the older Pymble team. However at the turn they had a lead in 2 matches, with 2 being square and Pymble lead in two. Bexley lifted a little and with 3 holes to go had 2 matches in the bag. Pymble had 1 win and the remaining 3 matches were very close. It wasn’t over yet. Bexley number 3, Seb had fought back to be square at the 18th hole. He played a great shot to 3m while his opponent, Luke was just off the green at the back but in a little hole, difficult to control the putt. He knocked it 3m past and missed his third shot. Seb then rolled his birdie putt in to win the match 1 up. This gave Bexley 3 matches but the remaining 2 matches just favoured Pymble. The fourth match was square playing 18 and both players chipped on for 2 and halved the hole. Their match was not over and they headed down the 19th hole. Following closely behind that match was the number 1’s with Will from Pymble leading Jeffrey from Bexley 1 up. In front of about 50 spectators, Jeffrey hit his tee shot to 50cm and Will was long right with a tight chip. Jeffrey marked his ball and Will’s chip hit the pin and nearly went in. Jeffrey gave him the putt and calmly rolled his birdie putt in to be square. Another match was going down the 19th.

2017 Junior Pennant Winners - Bexley GC

Up ahead, going down 19, Marco from Bexley hit a good straight drive and Bounty from Pymble hit a tree on the right side and dropped into the rough. He had a difficult lie and could only get it about 80m up the fairway. His fourth shot found clear space while Marco played his next two shots to just off the front edge. Bounty chipped on and Marco gave him his 2nd putt which was for 8 leaving Marco with 3 putts from 2m to win. He did so giving Bexley 4 matches to be Junior Pennant champions for 2017.

There was no need for the number 1’s to complete the 19th hole, so it was declared a squared match giving Bexley the 4 ½ - 1 ½ win.

2017 Junior Pennant Runners Up - Pymble GC

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