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2017 Encourage Shield Final

Sunday 3rd December turned out to be a perfect day for golf at the beautiful Pennant Hills Golf Club. Roseville GC and Moore Park GC were the finalists of the 2017 Encourage Shield. The young Roseville team were fired up and ready to go against the slightly older and more experienced Moore Park team. After 9 holes, Moore Park looked good in one match but the remaining were too close to call. A few holes later the Moore Park supporters were getting excited as their players lead in most matches and had won their second match. However, as we all know, it isn’t over until it’s over and the Roseville kids were not giving up. After a fight back and with 2 holes to go it was 3-1 to Moore Park with the remaining two matches square.   

2017 Encourage Shield Winners Moore Park GC

Roseville number 3 player had been 5 down with 7 to play but was now square playing the 18th. He got up & down from a bunker to win the final hole and the match. It was now 3-2 to Moore Park, with their supporters getting anxious and the Roseville parents pumped up. The number 2 match was on the 18th tee with Oliver from Moore Park 1up. Oliver’s tee shot was on line but just short of the tight par 3. Eric from Roseville had put it the greenside bunker. He chipped up to about 4m, while Eric played a great bunker shot to about 1 ½ m. Ollie missed his putt and, with 50 spectators watching, Eric sunk his putt to win the hole and keep the match alive. Down the 19th they would go. Eric was pumped up and strode to the 1st tee, a long par 5. He teed up but unfortunately cut his drive a bit too much and was OOB. Oliver calmly drove straight down the middle. Eric played his provisional into a great spot and was 80m ahead of Ollie. However, Eric was there for 3. Ollie played three more straight shots towards the green to be just short for 4. Eric had reached the back of the green for 5. Ollie then flubbed his chip and suddenly the hole was back to even. Ollie chipped close and would have a tap in 7. Eric needed 2 putts from 18m to continue. His first putt was downhill and he mis-judged the speed to be 4m past, missed the second putt and tapped in for 8. Olliver knocked in his short putt to win the match to much applause from the crowd.

A win to Moore Park but a gallant fight back from Roseville made it a great contest. 

2017 Encourage Shield Runner Up Roseville GC

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